He had never sunk such a long putt, but now was the moment for Nick Taylor. His English opponent Tommy Fleetwood and he had finished the Canadian Open tied at the top after 72 holes, and the three extra holes had not been able to produce a winner either.

It was a drama that finally got its high-class ending on the fourth extra hole. Because Taylor actually pushed the putt into the hole from almost 22 meters uphill. A memorable, incredible finish, especially as he became the first Canadian to win the tournament in 69 years.

And yet, the pictures that follow should ensure that the tournament will remain in the memory of many for a long time to come. The basis for this was pro golfer and Taylor buddy Adam Hadwin and a security guard who carried out his job with impressive discipline and drive.

Hadwin was well prepared for his compatriot’s possible home victory and had a bottle of champagne ready, which he opened at the moment of certain victory. He ran onto the 18th green of Oakdale Golf

A jubilant sprint, which, however, did not lead to the goal, but ended after just a few meters. A security officer successfully launched a football-style tackle and yanked the 35-year-old and his bottle to the ground.

Apparently the security had the Canadian world number 70. not recognized and mistaken for a speedster. This left the employee with no choice but to fend off the attack. Taylor got the situation, his caddy immediately stepped in and clarified the situation.

Shortly thereafter, Hadwin was able to laugh about it again. He seemed to be directly aware of the special nature of the pictures. He posted a screenshot of the action on Twitter and wrote: “Put it in the Louvre!”