Chelyabinets sells the painting to protect from the evil eye, for half a million rubles

Unusual offer found on the website of the online ads correspondent GTRK “southern Ural”. Chelyabinsk resident offers to buy the painting, supposedly endowed with miraculous properties. According to its author, art is able to remove the evil eye, to ward off evil spirits, to return the love.

by painting with such a broad spectrum of action lives in the Kurchatov district of Chelyabinsk. Is the work of depicting the funny man, like children’s scribbles. However, the price for such creation — is very serious. The author is asking 1 499 000 rubles. But, on assurances of the artist, the apartment free from vermin, and the owner of a masterpiece can be confident about their fate.

it is unknown if those who want to buy unusual product. However, of great interest to the picture obvious. For three days the ad was seen by more than 700 users.

Text: STRC “South Ural”