Chelyabinsk - city labor valor

the City, during the war became millionika, despite the fact that in early 1941 there were 270 thousand people. A city of metallurgists, tankograd, one of the main pillars of the front. Chelyabinsk. Here made every fifth tank, who fought with the Nazis.

“Eighteen thousand tanks and self-propelled guns, 48,5 thousand tank engines, nearly 20 million blanks for ammunition. Therefore, Chelyabinsk CHTZ is a basic edge of power” — said Valery Grinevich, acting General Director of the Chelyabinsk tractor factory.

CTZ — Chelyabinsk tractor. The production of tanks mastered here for 33 days. Here for the first time in the world began to create heavy tanks in a pipelined manner — “KW”, “is”, installation “ISU-152”. Here and now make engines for tanks, including “Almaty was.” But initially, as the name implies — the plant was and remains a peaceful proceedings.

“If you take our civil products, our bulldozers, they find widest use is forestry, energy, road construction sphere, housing and communal services”, — says Denis Shmelev, the chief designer of CHTZ.

the Chelyabinsk pipe rolling, giving the front of the bombs. Chelyabinsk iron and steel, without which the unthinkable was no production plant name of Kolyshenko where did BM-13 — the famous “Katyusha”. During the war in Chelyabinsk was moved 200 companies, 35 built from scratch. Manufacture of shells, mines, bullets, armored glass for aircraft — it all rests on the shoulders of the residents.

Our girls and women boldly began to the machines, to replace loved ones, pushed to the forefront of the battle. And the elderly, schoolchildren, students.

“Students, students of technical schools. A substantial part of the work is the students of yesterday, 12, and 13. Most went to the front men. They were replaced by women, teenagers,” explains Sergey Bakanov, the head of the history RRussia and foreign countries CSU.

In many ways, their hands began to form the modern Chelyabinsk. And now here are the largest plants for the production of ferro-alloys, zinc, stainless steel. And Uraltrak, Chelyabinsk construction and road machines, “Signal”, “Steklomash”. Chelyabinsk is famous for factories before the war, but in the 41st year he became one of the industrial centers.