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Chelyabinsk claims to be the city labor valor

Chelyabinsk claims to be the city labor valor

the First of July, the inhabitants of the southern Urals will vote on two ballots. Together with the national vote on the amendments to the Constitution, the people of the region will have to decide whether awarded Chelyabinsk to be called “City of labor merit”.

the Honorary title will enable to immortalize the courage of the workers who during the war he worked in the rear for wear, for Example, in Chelyabinsk in world war II suffered more than 100 companies. Day and night they carried the workload both women and children. As it became known to correspondent GTRK “southern Ural”, for the title of city labor valor Chelyabinsk lacks only 80 thousand votes. And getting the votes will be tomorrow.

Deputy Director for research Center of historical and cultural heritage of the city Artyom Aleksandrov has told on air of TV channel “Russia 1”: “In fact, people moved away from the machine here in the shop went to bed. Sleep 5-6 hours and returned to the machine. At times, it seemed much heavier than at the front. There is a break in a day or two, have not yet begun the war.”

Note that the veterans and homefront workers seek honorary titles for the city for years. Enterprises are of the order of honor for the years of great Patriotic war, the teams repeatedly awarded the challenge Red Banner. In our days of peace to commemorate the feat of the South Urals can each 1 July to the Day of voting.

Text: STRC “South Ural”