Chelyabinsk oblast: how much it costs to provide schoolchildren with hot meals

Two billion rubles need of the Chelyabinsk region to provide schoolchildren with hot meals due to budget. And nearly 100 million will be spent on new allowances to teachers — class teachers. All these innovations in the Message to the Federal Assembly has proposed Vladimir Putin.

some olives, lemon and more green instead of sausage – the chicken. It’s all the same soup for children. The second — potatoes with meat. Prepare a dish in a convection oven, so useful. Once a month — a homemade ravioli, and a Saturday buffet-style fast food.

Menu in the 35th Lyceum develop themselves, which hired a staff of cooks. The kitchen is been up since five in the morning: you need to feed twelve hundred students, half of primary school. Dinners get a little more expensive than other schools — about seventy rubles, but diverse. In a month the parents of the students pay for the meals about a thousand. But from September 1 this expenditure will support from Federal and regional budgets. In the primary grades learn in the region of 170 thousand students. To feed everyone, you will need two billion a year.

“What will be the share of Federal, regional and local budgets from this and will depend on the period of transition to completely free meals in primary school,” says Elena Kouzova, first Deputy Minister of education and science of the Chelyabinsk region.

the Good news for teachers. From 1 September homeroom teachers will pay five thousand rubles per month. And this news literally blew working the chat, says the history teacher Vladimir bryukhov. Now the regional payment is three thousand rubles. Federal premium will be marked a “bonus” to the salary.

“the class teacher and psychologist, and social worker, — says the teacher of history and social studies Vladimir bryukhov. — In addition, has not been removed from the teacher’s substantive obligations. He needs to teach a class, gothto ulitsa to them, check homework. This load was difficult and remains difficult”.

Officials have estimated that in the region almost 25 thousand teachers work with the class teacher. It appears that payments to teachers have to spend about 96 million roubles — means of the Federal budget.