Chelyabinsk residents are outraged by the indifference of the men who turned a dying cat

the Indifference of a man who calmly walked past a dying cat, angered many residents of Chelyabinsk. This story once again draws attention to the helpless animals whose lives are often completely depends on the person.

As reported STRC “South Ural”, a dying cat moved out last effort toward the man, as if he only saw in him their salvation. The passerby slowly walked past, only slightly looking at the dying animal.

fortunately the four-legged victim, it said another man. Eugene Diaghilev did not remain indifferent and immediately dialed the number of a shelter, whose staff took the cat to the veterinary hospital. According to the man, the animal was covered in blood and looked at him with those eyes that didn’t help him was simply impossible.

Veterinarians diagnosed the injured cats multiple fractures, tissue necrosis, fracture of the pelvis and sepsis. Her one leg had to be amputated. In addition, the animal lost a lot of blood. Initially his condition was critical, but fortunately, the situation appeared positive changes.

As told by the vet Nina ledina, now the cat every day seems to improve. She put on a drip and make dressings. The animal even has a name — the Track. Is a nickname of the four-legged victim gave Internet users. Very soon, the cat must finally come to, then go to the shelter. It is hoped that the Track will get lucky and she will find good owners.

Earlier it was reported about the miraculous rescue in Vladimir. Unknown persons have shot the dog of Pneumatics, with the result that she received multiple injuries. Volunteers and veterinarians were able to help the animal.