Cherry: what fruits can not buy

cherry season is in full swing. How to choose fruits that will delight the sweet taste? Experts Roskoshestvo in a joint consumer project “Test” on the channel “Russia 1” said that you need to pay attention in the first place.

When buying cherries you need to consider the color of the stalks — during storage they are the first to dry up and turn brown. If the stalks became brown, so the cherries have long been stored and is unlikely to be as luscious and healthy as fresh.

the fruit should not be wrinkled, crumpled or torn. Also you can’t buy rot or zaplesneveluju cherries. If the package even a small piece of fruit damaged by rot or mold will quickly spread to the whole of the cherries, experts say.

But the size of the fruits they taste almost not affected. However, many prefer to buy a large cherry, and its cost is usually much higher.

the color of the cherries is not an indicator of ripeness. However, if one box or party color of the fruit is uneven, it speaks about their low quality. Perhaps just sloppy fruits collected from the tree, removing the immature together with Mature. However, it is possible in the boxes just mixed up different batches and varieties of cherries, and therefore, individual fruits can be a different taste, but in storage, they will behave differently.

mostly, the cherries bring to Russia from Azerbaijan and Turkey. In the midst of the seasons the fruits are also supplying from Moldova, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Iran, Belarus and Serbia.

Store cherries in the refrigerator is necessary, the fruit should be protected from excessive moisture. Immediately before use should rinse the cherries in warm water.