Chiapas: “I don’t give importance to playing the second leg at Helmántico” – Salamanca24Horas

Jehú Chiapas acknowledged the serious match of his team against Tordesillas and asked for an opponent that was not too far in the last round of the promotion playoff to Segunda RFEF.

Assessment: “It has been a complicated match because Tordesillas is a team that pushes and never gives up. We knew we had to have a serious match. The team has been very respectful and mature.”

Which rival do you want in the draw? “I don’t want any that are too far away, so we don’t have to travel too much. I don’t give importance to playing the second leg at Helmántico. As a player, I was promoted away and as a coach, I lost at home. We trust the team and what we have been doing lately.”

Scouting the rival for the week: “It’s complicated. Fortunately, we have experience from the previous year and we have players who have been in other groups that know opponents. Also, Nandi, who knows a lot about other groups.”

In conclusion, Chiapas remains confident in the team’s abilities and is focused on the upcoming challenges in the playoff for promotion to Segunda RFEF. The determination and experience within the team give them the strength to face any opponent, regardless of the location of the match.