the Project “Chicken with pureskill” brought together 40 regions of the country from Ulan-Ude to Kaliningrad and from Murmansk to Sevastopol. This monitoring of retail prices for products, which make up the daily diet of the average Russian. In the first wave was attended by 9 cities: Yoshkar-Ola, Novgorod, Samara, Kazan, Orenburg, Tomsk, Rostov-on-don, Volgograd, Lipetsk.

According to a sociological study, the residents of Mari El on the products spend an average of 13 thousand rubles per month, said the TV channel “Russia 1”. Republic distinguished among the cities of Russia — the residents of Yoshkar-Ola is spent on food, almost the entire subsistence minimum.

the Cost of food in Yoshkar-Ola were evaluated in four commercial networks, informs GTRK “Mari El”. The shop where you bought the food for the project — the prices are average. The cost of the full carts of food amounted to the ruble of 1771. This should provide a four-day diet.

According to the survey, the average resident of Yoshkar-Ola will spend on the “Cutlet with pureskill” 28.8 percent of his average earnings. A resident of Moscow — 10 percent, in St. Petersburg — 13.9 percent. On average, Russia on such a diet spend 20-30 percent.

Text: GTRK “Mari El”