Child and two adults died in a terrible accident in the Leningrad region

Three people, including a nine-year-old child, were killed in a collision with a passenger car at the entrance to the town of Kirishi in the Leningrad region. Fatal skid hit the camera lens Registrar.

a Terrible accident happened about twelve o’clock January 3 on a 42-kilometer road Zuyevo — New Ladoga. When you exit the turn the driver of Skoda Octavia is not slowed down and pulled over, after which the car went into a skid and flew into the oncoming lane, right in front of the Volvo XC70.

From the powerful blow to the side of the Czech car died on the spot was in the back seat 45-year-old man and a nine year old boy, who was not wearing a seatbelt. A few hours later died in hospital 38-the summer passenger of the driver of the Skoda, he escaped with injuries of moderate severity.

In the Volvo, driven by a 70-year-old driver, injured two men in 1953 and 1989 years of birth, they were taken to the hospital.