Child benefits, adult problems: experts on social support

In the Chelyabinsk region is developing scandal associated with social support during a pandemic coronavirus. Allowance for two children there, got divorced father with arrears of alimony. While both of his children live with their mother. She filed a lawsuit, the first meeting will be held in late may.

Payment children’s. Problems adults and children can not understand them. Because of the complex terms “unjustified enrichment” and “misappropriation of funds” to a child is not always easy to see that parents are their interests can put above his own.

“the Most important thing in this payment is that it came directly to the child. This payment not parents, namely, the maintenance of children, on children’s goals. The parent may spend the money only on children. He can’t spend it on himself, he cannot spend them on some of their credit commitments, even for something”, — commented the Chairman of the Association of parental committees and communities Olga Letkova.

But can’t doesn’t mean won’t. The deadbeat dads, moms and dads not participating in the child’s life or, on the contrary, abusing their rights, can arrange a children’s payment for themselves only because that is inscribed in the birth certificate. Even if this testimony is the only thing that still connects them with their child. The statement of the second parent submitted later will not be considered — who first wrote, and money.

“This is a very delicate, slippery and controversial topic. The main thing now is to identify those families or those former families, or those families that exist today where there is an ambiguous situation, and point with them to begin to understand the attraction of the guardianship and of the bodies of social protection”, — says the Chairman of the Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans ‘ Affairs Yaroslav Nilov.

it would Seem that one solution to the issue could be the allotmenttion of the right to apply such payment only mothers, according to the principle of the parent capital. Because the vast majority of cases mom and the kids stay after divorce. But then what to do families, where, if not deprived of parental rights women education and care of children carries only a man?

“we Have the Constitution recognized equality of the sexes, established the equality of parental rights. Accordingly, it is impossible to talk about the fact that only fathers are the worst recipients of these grants, which are then not give it to my children. I think it’s absolutely discriminatory,” — said the member of the Presidium of the “Union of the fathers of Russia” Pavel Sclancy.

there were also proposals to give the children money only if you have statements from two parents where the other parent agrees and acknowledges the right of the first use of payment in the interests of the child. But the idea of the shallows is still under discussion. After all, the main objective of the government was to provide fast, convenient, and affordable for every family assistance, and most importantly — to reduce bureaucratic costs to a minimum, allowing each family to payoff, literally from the comfort of home in a single click. This measure is now incredibly popular among the population. Pension Fund the Russians sent for more than nine million applications.

“for the First time the state was facing such a situation that the payments are all, universally, regardless of need or not, can he confirm his need documents or not. And the payments are in electronic format. First of all, in my opinion, it is necessary that we work out the mechanism of interaction of authorities and offices of the Pension Fund in terms of exchange of information. Time for this is still there, since the payments start on 1 June”, — said the Deputy Chairman of the Commission on the support of family, maternity and childhood Public chamber of the Russian Federation Sergey Rybalchenko.

There are those who believe — to resolve a legal conflict is necessary at the government level, making amendments to the decree issued. For example, allow you to apply for payment only to the parent with whom the child actually resides. But this will complicate the procedure for obtaining, reducing everything to such an undesirable and objectively difficult in a pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 paperwork.

“In a General manner in the decree, of course, do not need to make changes, because it will suspend payments just to all families. If there is a dispute, the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation responsible parent must apply for the suspension of the consideration of this matter. After granting a full package of documents, which may be only the parent who exercises their parental responsibilities in full, this payment must be made”, — stressed the Chairman of “Union of large families of Moscow” Natalia Karpovich.

the best way at the moment, apparently, is a point the decision of similar situations involving guardianship, social protection, and in some cases law enforcement officers. Because, fortunately, irresponsible parents significantly less than those in the first place puts the needs of his child.