China recorded the fourth death from 2019 coronavirus-nCoV

in the Chinese city of Wuhan became the fourth victim of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus. This 89-year-old man. The symptoms of the disease appeared to him on January 13. On 18 January because of difficulty breathing, he was hospitalized, reports RIA Novosti. January 19 at 23:39 local time (18:39 Moscow time) the man died.

Only in Wuhan (Hubei province) recorded 198 cases of the disease. Four people died. 25 the man recovered and was discharged. 169 people are being treated, the condition of 9 of them critical, 35 – heavy.

Outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus 2019-nCoV, was registered in China at the end of December 2019. The first infected were buyers in the seafood market. In addition to the 198 cases of infection in Wuhan, recorded 5 cases in Beijing, 14 in Guangdong and one in Shanghai.

the Virus has spread beyond China. In Japan, Thailand and South Korea have been reported cases of infection.

2019 Coronavirus-nCoV – the causative agent of the so-called “pneumonia of Wuhan”. The disease begins with fever and cough. The elderly and handicapped people it becomes severe. It is known that the virus is transmitted from person to person. Specific treatment does not exist.