Chinese coronavirus was hybrid and jumped from snakes

In the last days the whole world is watching news from China, where rapidly spreading new coronavirus identified by who as 2019-nCoV (novel coronavirus 2019). It is also called the Wuhan coronavirus as it is in Wuhan broke out pneumonia.

In January 2020 has been confirmed transmission of the new coronavirus from person to person.

today in China, the number of cases of pneumonia of the new type is growing every hour. Moreover, the coronavirus has already gone beyond the borders of China.

chinese coronavirus was hybrid and jumped from snakes 1From January 23 to 2020 in Wuhan stop all types of transport.Photo Global Look Press.

According to experts, many of the first cases had to do with the market of Wuhan, which sells seafood, birds, snakes, bats, and farm animals. It is assumed that the coronavirus has mutated into the animal body, and then had the opportunity to infect a person.

As it happened, find out Chinese scientists. In the new work, they conducted a detailed genetic analysis of the virus and compared the data with available genetic information about other viruses from different geographical regions.

the Experts came to the conclusion that the 2019-nCoV, apparently, is a hybrid of coronavirus found in bats, and another coronavirus of unknown origin.

These viruses are called recombinant. They redistribute the genetic material by breaking and coupling of different DNA molecules. This leads to the appearance of new combinations of genes or other nucleotide sequences.

Due to recombination of the viral protein (glycoprotein) recognizes certain receptors on the surface of the host cell and binds to them. This is the key to penetration of the virus into the organism and development of a viral infection.

In the next step the researchers found that the 2019-nCoV probably jumped from snakes. Recombination in the protein that helps the virus receptor to contact the host cell, provided an opportunity for interspecies transmission.

the results of the analysis show that the snake is the most likely “reservoir” 2019-nCoV among wild animals, the authors write in the article submitted in Journal of Medical Virology. This information is very important for effective control of an outbreak of pneumonia caused 2019-nCoV.

more research will be Required to confirm and extend the data. But now microbiologists believe that the story of the origin of the novel coronavirus is very likely, as snakes often prey on bats in the wild.

in addition, in China, snakes are often eaten, and their venom is used in folk medicine. Actually, therefore, under suspicion of scientists came in first place in South China MNOGOPROFIL the krait Chinese Cobra family elapidae.

it Remains a mystery how the virus could adapt as cold-blooded and warm-blooded hosts. It is also unknown what the risk of further mutation.

chinese coronavirus was hybrid and jumped from snakes 23D image shows the structural elements of the virus. They have the shape of a crown, hence its name. This image of the coronavirus causing middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS-CoV).Illustration Scinceside/Wikimedia Commons.

Note that the symptoms 2019-nCoV are similar to the symptoms of pneumonia or severe acute respiratory syndrome. It is a dry cough, fever up to 38°; C or higher, chills, shortness of breath, pain in the chest, headache, myalgia (muscle pain). The incubation period lasts for several days.

Now the Ministry of health is negotiating with Chinese scientists to obtain samples of biological material for the creation of vaccines against coronavirus Wuhan. Meanwhile, the CPS has begun to implement the test-system for identification of 2019-nCoV.

Also, experts from China are invited to check the existing licensed antiviral drugs on the subject of whether to use them or work to combat a new pathogen.

by the Way, earlier “Conduct.Science” ( wrote about the coronavirus vectors which were the camels.

Text: To.Science