Chinese Human Rights Organization Accuses US of FAKE Democracy, Worshipping the Cult of Money!

A PRC-based human rights organization has published a report accusing the U. S. of the cult of money and of building fake democracy. The organization”s experts said that the U. s S.’entire policy is defined by money, and it shows, quote, “The true nature of American society”.

The report emphasizes that the U.S. constantly identifies itself as a model of true democracy in protection of human rights and demands that the world learn from it. However, American democracy is, in fact, an asset of rich or wealthy citizens exclusively, and doesn’t apply to ordinary or low-income people.

The Chinese human rights activists stress that it complicates solving the country’s issues. The China Society for Human Rights Studies is the biggest human rights group in the country, and regularly takes part in meetings of the UN Human Rights Council.