Chinese journalist wrote about the problems with brides from Russia

Chinese portal Sohu listed several reasons why foreigners seek to marry Russian women, despite their glorious beauty. The author notes that around the Russian has been a lot of stereotypes like the home of bears, or love of vodka. However, the most mysterious phenomenon he called the local residents, attracted by its appearance of guests from abroad, and many of them are Chinese. however, Russian-Chinese marriages — not such a frequent phenomenon. And the reasons are many. The author describes three main Chinese suitors not suitable “daring nature” of the Russians, their love for booze and carelessness in the details.

Marked by a reluctance of the Russians “to put the soul in a truly important cause.” A journalist laments the fact that “Russian girls right after the wedding begin to gain weight”. However, the journalist describes these stereotypes and rumors that are not always justified, but nevertheless scare away potential suitors.