Chinese lunar Rover broke the record of duration on the lunar surface

the Chinese Rover “WiTu-2” (2 Yutu, or “Jade hare-2”) broke the record time work on the natural satellite of the Earth, established by the Soviet mission of “Lunokhod-1”.

About the new record said TV China China Global Television Network (CGTN).

Recall that the “Lunokhod-1” was the first device with remote control that was able to successfully prionitis. During this mission, which lasted ten and a half months from 17 November 1970 to 4 October 1971, scientists have studied the Sea of rains. During this time, the “Lunokhod-1” was transmitted to Earth more than 20 thousand photographs and over 200 panoramas.

In total, he worked on the surface of the natural satellite of our planet earth day 321, and its path in the aggregate amounted to 10.5 kilometers.

as for the current record, the lunar Rover “WiTu-2” working on the moon for over 11 months, starting from 3 January 2019. During this time he traveled 345 meters.

Note that each time when the lunar night, which lasts 14 earth days, the Rover goes to sleep. The fact that the energy provided by solar panels.

the Device is part of the mission “Chang’e-4” (Chang’e 4), which also includes a lander. Both landed at the bottom of the crater Von Pocket with a diameter of 186 miles, which is on the back side of the moon.

Add that to the orbit of Selene are devices that work much longer and also supply a lot of valuable information about our nearest neighbor. Also, the scientists planned new missions.

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Text: To.Science