Chinese pneumonia is spreading, the number of victims increased

the situation is Aggravated with the spread of a new type of coronavirus. The countries of Central America stepping up security at airports. They’ve already announced the Ministry of health of Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

on the Eve of the first case of the disease identified in the United States. According to the newspaper “Washington post” who became ill came from China before the health service began to check travelers.

the home of the virus in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the number of victims of the epidemic has risen to nine people. Just in China the number of infected patients was more than four hundred. Only last weekend recorded nearly 140 new cases of pneumonia caused by a coronavirus.

there are also Cases in South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Australia.

“as of 12 midnight local time, we received reports from 13 provinces and municipalities. The number of detected cases increased to 440 people. The number of victims has increased by three, to nine victims. We take active preventive measures to prevent further spread of the virus,” — said the Deputy head of the State Committee on matters of hygiene and public health of the PRC.