Chloroform and antibiotics: what can be found in chicken breast

a year each Russian eats about 75 pounds of meat half chicken. This product is affordable cost and a benefit because it has few calories and lots of protein. How to choose a quality chicken product? This was stated by the experts of Roskoshestvo the TV channel “Russia 1”.

Experts examined five brands of chicken Breasts, are represented in local shops: “Troekurovo”, “Petrushka”, “Pelinka”, “Miratorg” and “prioskolye”. The products are checked on the following parameters: safety, antibiotics, chloroform, freshness, labeling.

Tips for choosing chicken breast

When buying products, you should pay attention on its storage — product must be contained in a sealed package and at temperatures from 0 to +4 degrees. If you violate the rules after two hours the meat can develop dangerous bacteria, most often Salmonella.

the color of the chicken breast should be pale pink. Yellow or blue spots may indicate that the product is stale or it was frozen. You can also press on the fillet with your finger and see how fast the hole will disappear. If in 20 seconds, the products are fresh.

some people Have been questioned too large chicken Breasts. Pump products are saline or karraginana, which retains moisture. This dietary Supplement obtained from red algae. Its excess in the body can cause stomach ulcers and bowel disease. Thus unscrupulous manufacturers deceive consumers because they overpay for water. Experts recommend not to buy cake mix, because it can be pumped solutions.

to kill a product is dangerous bacteria, it is subjected to heat treatment. Experts recommend to cook the meat for at least eight minutes at a temperature of 150-200 degrees or marinate it in the vinegar solution with garlic. Second SPOsob will not only kill bacteria, but will make the breast juicy, and the spicy taste.

research Results

The “Troekurovo” the content of antibiotics does not exceed permissible limits, however, it was discovered trace amounts. Also in the tissues revealed the chloroform.

In “Petrushka” chloroform have also been identified. Acid number of fat leading does not meet the requirements of Roskoshestvo, that is, the meat was stale.

The “Petelinka” traces of antibiotics and chloroform.

the appearance and consistency of the brand “agribusiness” does not match product in this category. In addition, it discovered traces of the antibiotic enrofloxacin and chloroform.

The “prioskolye” no antibiotics. Chlorine compounds was also not detected. At the same acid number of fat leading does not meet the requirements of Roskoshestvo that can testify about the initial stage of spoilage.

these Are the results of studies of the next release of the program “Test” on TV channel “Russia 1”. In previous programs, experts Roskoshestvo helped to choose a good sausage, as well as drinking water.