Christmas rap battle in the St. Petersburg subway has ended with fight and shooting

Counter-accusations and claims ended with a skirmish between the two companies in the St. Petersburg subway in new year’s eve. The introduction began with the rap-battle, and turned into a fight and shooting.

the scene was the subway station “Spasskaya”. It is here that Maxim with his wife and his friend shortly after midnight met a group of young people who read rap. Dressed in costumes of Santa Claus, the guests invited the new friends to have a rap battle, despite the fact that originally went to the city center to watch fireworks. During the contest one of the readers snatched the Maxim telephone, and a fight ensued.

“This guy broke my wife’s jaw. And his friend started attacking me with the bottle. And then the first man, suddenly snatched from somewhere a gun “pioneer” and began to shoot. The first time he stood between the pillars, the shot did not work. We started to leave, but he caught up with us and fired again, this time right in my face. And later, when I started running away from him, fired a third time, but again there was a misfire”, — the victim told the newspaper “Megapolis”.

That could provoke aggression, Maxim say difficult. In the street he and a friend called an ambulance, and the next day wrote a statement to the police. The Department found out that the assailant has filed a counter-statement about the theft of phones. Maxim does not deny that picked up three points from his opponent’s pocket gadget, one of which he belongs, but explained that the desire to pass their guards. The latter are currently trying to understand the intricacies of this story.