Christmas weather: Australia is burning, India is frozen in the Alps - avalanche

In Australia, exacerbated the situation with forest fires. More than 30 thousand people evacuated in Melbourne. Smoke clouded Sydney. But despite the risk of new fires, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison insists on the carrying out of new year’s fireworks. This caused a protest of local residents, who had previously criticized the policy for being in the midst of the disaster he left on vacation. From the burning of forests, hundreds of animals run — they are looking for help from people.

the Element is raging in Europe. Several avalanches in the Italian Alps killed four people, among them two children.

And in France nearly a hundred skiers spent a few hours in the cold, stuck on the lift. To remove them was possible only by helicopter.

Freeze now and the people of India. Instead of the usual 15 degrees there now about two. On the streets of Delhi for their fires. The capital is also covered by thick fog. Canceled hundreds of flights, on the roads — chaos.