CIA exposed Bandera. Zelensky remained silent

an Interesting coincidence. While the President of Ukraine Zelensky was walking through Jerusalem, carefully avoiding the international forum on the Holocaust and anti-Semitism, the CIA on the same day published a declassified historical materials on Stepan Bandera. Hundreds of pages. The signature under the report explains that the publication, in the framework of the law on the exposure of Nazi war criminals.

indeed, the current national hero of Ukraine Stepan Bandera is fully fit this definition is ideologically and by their criminal actions. Not only that, as the leader of his wing of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists – OUN(b) (banned in Russia) — he was in the Hitler occupied Cracow on 22 June 1941 proclaimed the so-called “independent Ukrainian state”, exactly on the day of the treacherous attack of Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union, even going into the Soviet Ukraine with the occupying German forces in Lviv on 30 June, Bandera takes the Act of proclamation of Ukrainian state.

Bandera acted as an agent of Hitler. Revealing archived photos of that time — a welcome stretch in the Lviv region on behalf of the OUN(b) welcoming the Nazi invasion: “Glory to Hitler! Glory To Bandera! Long live the independent Ukrainian collegiate power! Long live the leader Stepan Bandera! Glory to the invincible German and Ukrainian Armed forces!”

Among the published CIA documents there is also an article from the emigre Menshevik journal “Socialist Herald”, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Bandera state. “What was Bandera “revival of Ukraine”? Difficult to find an adequate description of the country-the bastard that Bandera and Stetsko were created under the loud name “Ukrainian state”. Judging the brainchild of Bandera even by totalitarian standards, it can be stated that it was not the few elements of the law and the rule of law, what is usually preserved even in theelitarny States. For all their cruelty, the elements of law and order they do exist. In the “Kingdom” as Bandera and Stetsko was not them. Reigned bloody chaos, lawlessness outrageous and unthinkable, the most severe abuses against the Ukrainian people and national minorities. Unbridled terror forced the dissenters to submit to “leaders”. Thousands of people were killed without trial, often without the slightest reason. In just five weeks of its existence Bandera “government” destroyed more than 5 thousand Ukrainians, 15 thousand Jews and thousands of poles,” reads the article.

of Course, we can agree with the press Secretary of the MFA of Ukraine Ekaterina Zelenko, who recently declared to the ambassadors of Israel and Poland on the right of a nation to its heroes: “Each people and each state independently determines and celebrates its heroes.” Certainly true, but why among the new heroes of Ukraine are more anti-Semites? The same Simon Petlyura, chief ataman of the troops of the Ukrainian people’s army (banned in Russia) in 1918-1920-ies. Under him Jewish pogroms in the Ukraine were the norm, and they were done primarily Petliurists. As retribution for Petliura already in exile in Paris shot in 1926, the Jew Samuel Shvartsburd. Acquitted by a jury.

But, for example, Nestor Makhno is probably the most famous Ukrainian in the world. Revolutionary anarchist. Internationalist and patriot of Ukraine.

the Commander of the Revolutionary insurgent army of Ukraine (banned in Russia). Fought red and white. Met and argued with Lenin in 2018. Fought against foreign occupation of Ukraine. What is not a hero? Forgotten in Ukraine. The fulcrum is the hometown of huliaipole in Zaporizhia. In the battle for freedom wounded more than ten times.

to feel the Makhnovist energy, that is his appeal to the people of Huliaipole: “Comrades, after two and half months of my wanderings through revolutionary Russia I have come back again to you to co-employmenttsya the matter of the expulsion of the German-Austrian counter-revolutionary armies from Ukraine, the overthrow of the government of Hetman Skoropadsky and prevention in its place to no other authority. Together we will organize this great cause. Common efforts to deal with the destruction of the slave system to come by and enter our other brothers on the path of the new system. Organize it on the basis free to the public, the contents of which will allow not exploiting other people’s labor population to live freely and independently from the state and its officials, at least and red, and build his entire social life quite independently on the ground in their midst. In the name of this great cause, I hastened to return to their home district revolutionary to you. So let’s work, comrades, in the name of revival in our land, in our peasant and working environment of this Ukrainian revolution, which from its first days took a healthy direction in the direction of annihilation by the Hetman government and its support of landlords and kulaks. Long live our peasant and working Association! Long live our auxiliary forces, selfless working intelligentsia! Ukrainian long live the social revolution!”

In his three-volume “Memoirs”, published in exile, Makhno writes that his appeal “was copied by tens of copies and went through the hands of peasants and workers.” By the way, Makhno was not a drop of anti-Semitism. On the contrary, he was punished for it, taking the Jews under his protection. The chief of counterintelligence in the army Makhno was a Jew-anarchist Lev Zadov. Rest of Nestor Makhno at the Paris cemetery Père Lachaise. The funeral was paid for by the Jews. At the funeral ceremony was attended by the legendary Odessa anarchist, participant in the international anarchist militia in the civil war in Spain, formed to fight against the dictator Franco, Georgy Sosenko, aka George Sosenko.

“29 Jul 1934 funeral Makhno at the Paris cemetery Père Lachaise. The funeral Makhno engaged prominent American anarchist (who is Jewish) Alexander Berkman. He also paid the funeral expenses. About four hundred people came to pay their last tribute to the great revolutionary. In the cemetery were representatives of many countries, including the French, the Spaniards, the Americans and the Italians. But there was only a couple of Ukrainians: Ukrainian community of Paris has ignored the death of Papa,” said Sosenko.

Strange, though now the Ukrainian nationalists, Makhno not held in high esteem. But the hero of Ukraine posthumously was Roman Shukhevych, the commander formed German military intelligence of Ukrainian nationalist battalion “Nachtigall”. During the great Patriotic war “Nachtigall” messed myself the collaboration and the massacre of many thousands of Jews, for example, in Lviv in July 1941.

Strange that the President Zelensky, which is the Jewish roots, on the subject simply remained silent. Maybe that’s why at the world economic forum in Davos that was held recently, to Zelensky interest was not enough. At least on pre-announced the President of Ukraine, the hall was empty.

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