Baltic fleet Commander Admiral Alexander Nosatov took the decision to encourage the participants of the Victory Parade in Kaliningrad — the officer, who did not leave the parade due to the flying shoes.

During the parade the girl fell off one slipper, but she showed restraint and did not violate parade. By decision of the commander will encourage the girl, told TASS in the press service of the Baltic fleet.

In the Victory Parade in Kaliningrad was attended by about a thousand soldiers and 75 military vehicles. At the head of column technology were legendary T-34 tank. In the aerial part of the parade was attended by 20 aircraft and helicopters of naval aviation of the Baltic fleet.

in the Evening in Kaliningrad produced 30 volleys of salute. Soundtrack will provide three gun ZIS-3, participated in the East Prussian offensive of the Soviet troops and the storming of Koenigsberg in early April 1945.