Cinemas used to work in new conditions

movie Theaters used to work in a new environment. In Sevastopol, rooms, opened after the break, again opened its doors. However, the audience pays very little. One of the first screenings of no more than 10 people, although the room has a capacity of 108.

About the new rules told the staff of cinemas, reports the information service “News.Sevastopol” in the TV channel “Russia 1”. Visitors are seated in a staggered manner for compliance with social distance. Exceptions are only for members of the families, said the cashier of the cinema “Sebastopol” Victoria Chuvashina. A mask mode, sanitiser for hands a safe distance between visitors at the box office, at the entrance to the hall is behind all this monitor controllers. As the Director of the cinema “monsoon” Catherine Milan, had to increase the intervals between sessions — to conduct disinfection work. Space regularly ventilated. All the sanitary-epidemiological measures prescribed in the Federal service binding.

premieres in theaters yet. Most likely, screenings of new films will not begin before July. As explained by the Director of GAU “Sevastopol movie” Dmitry Garnaga, distributors are not in a hurry to announce the first run — wait until the halls are really full. Then we can expect that the cost of making the film will pay off.

by the way, that movies of yesteryear are now become very popular. They, incidentally, will be on show at the summer outdoor cinema in the Park Akhmatova. Area will open next week.

Text: GTRK Sevastopol