City labor valor - Ufa

Every third tank and combat aircraft refueled Bashkir fuel during the great Patriotic war. There, in Ufa built armored division. Now the city is one of 20 contenders for the honorary title of “City of labor valor”. The most deserving will determine on 1 July, the day of voting on amendments to the Constitution.

oil, worker, woman-farmer. On the monument to home front Workers in Ufa, you can examine the feat of the Bashkir capital during the war. Oilman — one of the Central figures. Every third tank and combat aircraft refueled Bashkir fuel.

“production of the Ufa oil refinery were going to Stalingrad. We have defended Stalingrad, largely due to products in Saratov and Ufa oil refinery”, — said Engel of Zainetdinov, scientist, historian of oil production of Bashkortostan.

In Ufa did and the engine — for example, an entire armored division of the 4 armored trains were built at the Ufa locomotive factory. Produced communications for the Navy and tank divisions, sewed uniforms. Only Ufa were evacuated more than 40 companies, and perhaps the main factory, which contributed to the Victory, became Ufa engine.

“If before the war in the Ufa engine produced engines for combine harvesters, during the war, when it was evacuated the Rybinsk plant, we have started to make engines for fighter jets and attack aircraft”, — says Lilia Narusova, head of the Department of scientifically-educational work of the Republican Museum of military glory.

Now UEC UMPO — Ufa engine industrial Association is one of the most prominent in the world. Turbojet and gas turbine engines, assemblies for helicopters, advanced development. Their products are not su, MiGs, helicopters Mi, Ka. But it all started in 41-m — almost every third plane that fought in the war, flew with Ufa engines. UMP released more 51 thousand motors.

“all aboutindustrial production during the war years in Ufa has increased five times. And, such industries as machine building, precision has actually been created during the war. The share of machinery increased by more than 30 times”, — says Irek Yalalov, the Senator of the Federation Council from the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Now Bashkortostan produces 3 percent of all agricultural production in Russia. But then, during the war, the Republic gave food and the front and rear. And in the fields and in the shops almost half of the workers were children and women.

Despite the hunger, the unbearable working conditions, the lack of housing. Performed and exceeded the plan, created new businesses and contributed to the victory. So it is likely that the July 1 Ufa Neftyanik, the worker, the worker village with the children will become officially residents of the “City of labour valour”.