City of the far North ready for the Victory Parades

Severomorsk and Murmansk to the Victory Parade prepared. In the capital of the Kola polar region on the eve held a dress rehearsal. 24 June-the Central Avenue of the city-hero will be a convoy of 830 military personnel and 71 pieces of equipment. It will be headed by the legendary T-34 tank. To the far North it was delivered specially for the occasion. Furthermore, in the sky over the regional center system flies 17 helicopters and airplanes. And at 22:00 will be a traditional salute.

Note that the residents of the Murmansk region will be able to see the festive event from the comfort of home live on the official website of GTRK “Murman”. On the same day on the channel “Russia 1” will be released a special report dedicated to the holiday. And at 19:00 TV channel “Russia 24” will show the record of this event. Stay home, take care of your family!

Note, 24 Jun planned several actions dedicated to the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory. One of them — “the sound of Victory.” It will start at 12 noon. The organizers offer to vehicle owners within one minute at the same time give tone. To participate can drivers public transport, ships and machinists of trains. According to plans, the beep should also be heard in the factories, plants, quarries, mines and ports. And in cathedrals and churches in this moment will ring a bell.

in addition, this day will launch a national flashmob called “Dove of peace”. Everyone will be able to create a figure of a dove, and thus to Express gratitude to the veterans. It can be left in any public place, put on the window, take a photo and publish it on the personal page in the social network with the hashtag #Mirkazemi and the #Golubkina.

Children will be able to participate in the campaign “I draw with chalk”. Photo Riankov can be spread in social networks with the hashtag #24июня and #resumecom.

Text: GTRK “Murman”