Cjr hopes that Prokopieva justified. A sentence will announce the 6th

On the verdict of the Pskov journalist Svetlana Prokopieva hopes the Union of journalists of Russia. The Chairman of the Union Vladimir Solovyov said that the hope is based on the opinion of many independent experts-philologists who believe that the words of Svetlana Prokopieva was no justification for terrorism.

According to Vladimir Solovyov, the Prosecutor’s office requested a six-year term of imprisonment for the journalist is unreasonable and the requirements of the ban on the profession for a period of four years – even something transcendent. “It seems to me that the prohibition to engage in journalistic profession generally extends for the first time”, — quotes Solovyov “Interfax”.

“Svetlana Prokopyeva, very correct, honest man who sincerely tries to understand what happened, to analyze, to warn that such situations are not repeated. And of course, in any case, it does not justify terrorism”, — continued the head of the Union of journalists.

the sentencing of the journalist in Pskov is planned for 12 hours on 6 July. She is charged under article 205.2 of the Russian Criminal code. Prosecutors said that Prokop “deliberately, wishing the events”, prepared audio programs on radio “Echo of Moscow” and on the website in November 2018. In the program the journalist was analyzed perfect in Russia, the attack and expressed their assessment of the actions of terrorists. 20 September 2019 the investigation charged her. And in December the criminal case Prokopieva was returned to the prosecutors for further investigation, but in March 2020, the indictment was approved by the Supervisory authority.

defense Attorneys have indicated the investigation and prosecution of the contradictions in the two psycho-linguistic expertise, which is applied to the case. Protection insisted on the full justification Svetlana Prokopieva.