Clostridium and Brucella: what are bacteria waiting for us in the summer food

Summer is a period when the risk of catching a food infection is higher than usual. This is due to the growth of pathogens. Experts call the main source of poisoning food and water. Experts Roskoshestvo told where and what kind of bacteria can be found, as well as how to deal with them.


This bacterium is very resistant. It can survive for several weeks in the environment and in water at all for several months.

to Meet the bacterium in the eggs, where they are stored up to a year in sausages (I live up to 6 months), butter (up to 120 days), milk (20 days) fruits and vegetables (5-10 days). Experts Roskoshestvo note that salting and Smoking foods for Salmonella is having little effect.

This bacterium is one of the four causes of diarrhoeal disease in the world. A certain type of Salmonella can even cause a fever.

the Bacterium dies after 45-60 minutes when heated to 56 degrees, while the boiling — instantly.


This bacterium is relatively resistant in the environment. For example, in the Brucella milk stored up to 273 days in oil — up to 142 days in the cheese — up to 1 year, the cheese is up to 72 days, in yogurt, up to 11 days in frozen meat up to 60 days. To meet the infection is primarily in raw milk and dairy products derived from infected animals.

Experts Roskoshestvo pay attention to the fact that brucellosis is not transmitted from sick person to a healthy one. While current long-term illness can lead to disability.

to Kill the Brucella can be boiling at this temperature it will die in a few seconds. When heated to 55 degrees, the bacteria dies within hours.

Experts do not recommend buying dairy and meat products with hands on natural markets, roadside trays from private owners.


Bacteria of this genus inhabit the intestinal tract of animals and tohousekeeping bird. Therefore, infection is most commonly transmitted through infected meat and cooked products. In raw milk Campylobacter persist for 5-14 days. In the products of infection may persist up to 7 days at a temperature of 40 degrees.

Experts Roskoshestvo recommend products heat treatment to kill the bacteria. When heated to 60 degree campylobacteria dies after 15 minutes.

coliform Bacteria

This is a group that brings together more than 100 types of microorganisms that live in the intestines of humans, animals and birds. Most of them are harmless, but are dangerous.

If you get of coliform bacteria in the human body can get severe poisoning. They can be found in raw vegetables, fruits and greens, meat, processed meat, in dairy products. At a temperature of 60 degree infection dies within 15 minutes.

Experts recommend not to buy sliced products, since slicers are usually not sterilized after each use. This means that if one product was contaminated with E. coli, the infection can spread to the other.


Such bacteria can appear in the production due to violations of the technological mode of production. Clostridia grow well on foods that are high in protein or starch, for example, meat and legumes. Also the infection is present in vegetables, canned food.

Poisoning Clostridium may be accompanied by spasms of the stomach and diarrhoea. The bacteria can even lead to death. Also Clostridium cause botulism.

Experts Roskoshestvo to prevent food poisoning and infections are recommended to follow a few simple rules: wash hands before preparing food, do not store food at room temperature, thoroughly wash the greens, fruits, and meat and vegetables are subjected to heat treatment.

for More detailed description of bacteria can be found on the website Roskoshestvo. We also remind you that at the weekend on TV channel “Russia 1” opens the project “Test”, in which experts help to understand the quality of products in the domestic market.