Clothing of milk has interested Chinese investors

the Los Angeles startup that recycles unused milk in clean clothes, negotiating with the companies of China on strategic partnership, reports Bloomberg.

the head of the company Robert Luo said that investment want to make a few large firms in the Chinese dairy market, where the startup and the raw materials. Since the launch in June 2019 Mi Terro received more than $ 100,000 of income from online sales to buyers in more than 40 countries, said in an interview Luo.

Terro Mi is one of many small fashion brands, which is trying to attract the attention of consumers to the problems of overproduction and waste in the industry. Small and medium-sized companies account for around half of the fashion industry and have all the opportunities for innovation in the field of renewable resources, according to a report by Centre for Sustainable Fashion

the Head of a startup Mi Terro says that when he visited the dairy farm of his uncle in China, he saw many buckets of tainted milk that was supposed to throw. “I realized that this is a huge problem that we just don’t speak,” said Robert Luo.

the remains of the milk allowed to ferment, to make it easier to remove the fat. The resulting substance is dehydrated, and the dry mass subjected to filtration. Received natural milk protein casein is dissolved in alkali, to then pass this solution through a Spinneret — a device for producing fibers. They undergo additional purification of sulfuric acid from residues of alkali and the output is yarn.

Fabricated material used to create fabrics with a number of useful properties. It can not only absorb moisture, but also to keep in the micro-cavities of air with unpleasant odors. Such fabric is easily stretched, resistant to the appearance of the folds, does not fade under ultraviolet light, and even has antibacterial properties. Plus greattraveler savings – from a single glass of milk can be made up to five t-shirts.

Mi Terro plans to start production in China this month and in Japan in the next two months. The company has signed expressions of interest with several major brands of high fashion, but needs both strategic and financial support to expand their capabilities in order to keep up with demand, said Luo. In 2019, the company launched two campaigns on Kickstarter, which quickly achieved its goals. According to Luo, Mi Terro currently collects $800,000 in new funding, ideally from strategic partners in China and around the world.

venture capital Investment in the field of clothing and shoes rose from 43.5 million dollars in 2007 to 560,6 million dollars in 2017, according to the McKinsey report, the industry publication Business of Fashion.

a Startup is preparing to expand its innovative activities in the field of waste beyond fashion. He is working on new technology that will help dairy producers to process whey waste in a biodegradable film for packaging food products, said Luo. The startup hopes to license its technology in the near future and is currently applying for a patent in China.