Cluck and deprived of sleep: a wild chicken attacked the new Zealand village

In New Zealand, near Auckland, local residents celebrate nearly a victory over coronavirus, but, apparently, they are faced with new and unexpected misfortune — wild chickens. About the incident, The Guardian reports.

Untamed birds literally terrorize the countryside Titirangi. Birds devastate the gardens and orchards. In addition, their loud squawking deprives residents of sleep. This does not prevent some to feed uninvited guests. The result left food still attracts hordes of rats the size of a cat.

the Chairman of the local public Council Greg Presland, who was assigned to solve the problem, believes that the wild chicken give the area a distinctive look. Some see in them something resembling the films made based on books by Stephen king.

Presland said that the problem with the birds began in 2008, when a local resident released two domesticated birds. As a result, they bred, and the number of chickens has reached about 250 individuals in 2019.

Local authorities intend to strengthen measures to catch birds. Most likely, caught chickens will be sent to the factory.