the head coach of the Rome Lazio, Simone Inzaghi, the team has just won their tenth match in a row in Serie A and set a club record, said after the success in the game against Napoli (1:0), he had a good feeling. The coach, however, is not going to get hung up on the numbers.

“I Think in the first half we played better and after the break, Napoli added. So it was an even match, and all was decided by one goal. Everything that happens is a consequence preseason work, which I think is wonderful. We started with the fact that we lost points in Serie A and the Europa League, but continued to play their football and do what we discussed in training,” said the coach.

“I didn’t think we’d win 10 games in a row, but I saw good signs! – quotes Inzaghi edition of Football Italia. – For the last three months I praised the players and told them to focus on the next match. The message remains unchanged.”

According to the coach, and in previous years, Lazio were close to achieving their objectives for the season and falter only at the very end: “for Example, when he missed a place in the Champions League in the last round. I need to take full advantage of the footballers who play for the team, but also we examine the market for good opportunities.”