Colleagues support of the arrested in Berlin Russian DJ party

In Berlin on Sunday, June 14, held a rally in support of Russian musician Denis Kaznacheev, who was detained by German police at the request of the United States.

the Campaign “Justice for Denis in Berlin!” is organized on the lawn in front of the jail Moabit, which contains the musician. There were about 50 people: friends and colleagues Kaznacheeva. The event is held in the format of the party. DJs include, according to them, your favorite artists Denis. Their demands and slogans written on the participants brought banners and placards. Nearby duty in the police, in the ongoing law enforcement authorities did not intervene.

From prison to hear the acclamations, the participants also meet prisoners shouting and laughter, writes RIA Novosti.

treasurers living in Berlin and working there as a DJ, was arrested by the German police on may 29. In the USA he is suspected of fraud and money laundering. Washington calls for his immediate extradition, without providing any clear evidence of guilt. Friends and colleagues of the musician conduct a public campaign in his support. In their view, criminals are the unknown hackers who stole personal data Kaznacheeva.

Official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that Moscow considers the extradition Kaznacheeva in the United States is invalid and will act decisively to prevent it.

In the musical circles of Denis Kaznacheev known under the pseudonym Guttersnipe. He performs and composes electronic music in the genres techno and tech-house.