Jon Gruden could still be coaching if he had not been exposed as an remorseful racism.

Although his email regarding DeMaurice Smith’s lips was disturbing and deplorable, it was written a decade ago, when Gruden wasn’t coaching in the NFL. Gruden immediately apologized, but insisted that he didn’t possess an “ounce” of racism.

It is impossible to fasten an apology when there are more emails.

There were many targets. The shots were not very precise.

Gruden’s true character was exposed after the emails were leaked.

Is there any racism? What about a cup full of misogyny Perhaps a pint of homophobia?

Gruden has been fired, and it could not have happened faster. Gruden, who rose to national prominence as both a coach and a network TV analyst, crashed to earth faster than expected. It was done by one cringeworthy mail after the other.

With more than six years remaining on his contract, and $60 million in cash, he leaves the Raiders. After being exposed in emails slandering everyone, including Roger Goodell and former President Barack Obama, he left the Raiders with a ruined reputation.

He was a great quarterback coach who won the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay as a young coach. Then he went on to become a star on Monday Night Football as an analyst. He’s now out of the NFL, and his fans have fled with every new revelation.

How bad are these emails? Gruden made it difficult to identify a group Gruden did not exclude.

According to The New York Times, he mocked the idea of female referees and shared photos of NFL cheerleaders in bikinis. He used homophobic slurs and protested against the league’s drafting of gay players.

Gruden also claimed that a player who protested during the national anthem ought to be fired. Gruden also mocked an article from 2017 in which players called on Goodell for support of racial equality as well as criminal justice reform.

He saved his worst homosexual name by calling the commissioner of the league that employed he.

This is from the coach who, in June, welcomed Raiders defensive line Carl Nassib’s declaration that he was gay. He said “I learned long ago that what makes someone different is what makes them great.”

Gruden was always at the bottom of this problem. Gruden was a man you knew you shouldn’t believe, but you weren’t sure why.

We now know. Gruden’s emails, as reported by the Times Monday night, are more interesting than any years that he spoke to the nation on television about football.

It was no longer a matter of whether Gruden would resign or when. Gruden was also discussing terms with Raiders owner Mark Davis, just as the emails were posted online.