Communication with dogs reduces the risk of developing schizophrenia

the presence of the dog house has a positive effect on the mental health of the child and may reduce the risk of development of schizophrenia in the future. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the Medical school of the American Johns Hopkins University. The results of their work published portal PLoS ONE.

after Observing the interaction of Pets with people in the first 12 years of his life, scientists have established a link of this interaction with the risk of subsequent development in humans bipolar disorder (BAR). It turned out that the chances of getting a BAR less those who in the childhood had a dog. Also those who are under 13 years lived with a dog, 24% reduced chance of early manifestations of schizophrenia.

the Researchers studied the interaction of children with cats, however, the relationship between him and the development of human mental disorders is not revealed.

exactly How contact with Pets linked to the prevention of schizophrenia, the experts still haven’t found one. For this, they said, need more data.

the study included 1371 people aged 18 to 65 years. 396 of them suffer from schizophrenia, 381 bipolar disorder. 594 party do not have mental disorders.

In December reported the study, researchers from Emory University. They found dogs have the ability to perceive the number of objects seen. And in many respects the processing and evaluation of such information happens to them in the same way as in the brain of man and some primates.