Completed the procedure of exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and Donbass

Under Gorlovka ended the exchange of prisoners between the Donbas and Kiev. From the Ukrainian side handed over 61 people, from the DNI and the LC — 51 people, another four for Ukraine to return refused, reports “Interfax”.

Earlier, the Lugansk received 63 people. Among them are volunteers from Russia and a citizen of Brazil Rafael’s Lusvardi. LC expressed the hope that the was free a master of Lusvardi safely get home, TASS reports.

In 2014 Kyiv launched a campaign against the breakaway LC and the DNI, which declared its independence after the coup. The victims of the conflict have become 13 thousand people.

the Situation in the region trying to resolve with the help of the Minsk agreements, but the shootout between the parties continue.