Conor McGregor is back.

In Las Vegas ended the tournament leading the American League mixed martial arts UFC 246. In the main fight was found the famous Irish fighter Conor McGregor and American Donald “Cowboy” Serrone. The match ended at the 40th second after a series of heavy attacks on the part of MacGregor.

the Fight with the return of Conor, who, after the defeat of the Russian Habib Nurmagomedov stepped out of the octagon for almost a year and a half, on the one hand, it turned out impressive: after all, Serrone not the weakest fighter, and his knockout was very quick. But the American somehow looked quite poorly and had a feeling that he was part of the show, in which the main character is MacGregor. A series of strokes at the beginning and that’s it. The audience was somewhat disappointed.

it should be borne in mind THAT Conor is one of the main assets of the UFC, which helps organizers sell their product at a higher price. The Irishman not only a good athlete, despite their three defeats in my career, but – most importantly — a very experienced showman. After a victory over “Cowboy” Conor will try to “catch” all possible competitors.

But I think the main defeat of his career, he has already received – it was the autumn of 2018 from Nurmagomedov, who, by the way, the League champion and has never lost. So there is no doubt that McGregor really try to get the right to revenge. Moreover, in addition to the sporting interest rematch can promise both parties a very large fee.