Continuous fiction: researchers have denied the version about the laboratory origin, coronavirus

experts in the field of health from many countries rejected the assumption that the coronavirus COVID-19 is not of natural origin. Moreover, experts have condemned the distribution associated with a novel coronavirus conspiracy theories, reports news Agency “Xinhua”.

Earlier media reported that COVID-19 could be created in the laboratory of one of the institutions in Wuhan in animal studies, writes TASS.

27 experts published in the medical journal The Lancet statement. They reported that closely followed the emergence in 2019 new coronavirus disease, COVID-19, and is deeply concerned about its impact on health and well-being of people around the world.

the Experts appreciated the efforts of Chinese scientists and healthcare workers on the identification of the pathogen, reducing the exposure and the exchange of valuable information. Most important, the experts write, a fast, open and transparent exchange of information on COVID-19 is under threat because of rumors and misinformation about its origin.

“We strongly condemn the conspiracy theories that COVID-19 is not of natural origin,” the scientists write. They highlight that these speculations lead only to fear, rumors and prejudices, which pose a threat to global cooperation in the fight against this virus.

Experts from many countries analyzed the genome of the causative agent. The vast majority of scientists believe that the coronavirus originated in the wild, like many other new pathogens.

Earlier, experts have created an online map of the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Add that “News.Science” ( wrote about the fact that Wuhan coronavirus may spread via feces, and that is named the animal, which is an intermediate carrier of this virus. In the case of adverse developments, new virus can get two-thirds of the inhabitants of the Earth.

Text: To.Science