Convenient and safe: more and more Russians join the vote on the Constitution

Almost every tenth Russian voters expressed their attitude to the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation on the first day of voting. However, of those who have registered to vote remotely via the Internet, choices made by more than half. Now, when most of the country polling stations were closed, the citizens there are still five days to Express their opinion.

To the voters in the tundra, the Commission gets a helicopter. Per day – half a dozen landings, sometimes for a single, but meaningful vote. Often, through the swamps.

the Vote, in fact, has just begun, but with its decision already decided more than 10 million people, i.e. more than 9 percent. But the main thing now – not numbers but the transparency of the procedure.

“the Results should be as accurate as possible. This is our main requirement, which follow rigorously,” said the Chairman of the Central election Commission (CEC), Ella Pamfilova.

constant contact regional Commission. The CEC data is received from across the country. Attention is given to each region, a detailed discussion of the voting process on the ground. Journalists are here these brochures: it is a timetable of the information center, it is formed to the end of the month. Briefings and conference calls every day.

Among those who came today to the land – speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin and the leaders of the parliamentary factions.

“We must lay these foundations and propose to do in the form of amendments to the Constitution – which will make the country stronger and improve the welfare of people, increase guarantees, rights, protect freedom. This is very important, – said Volodin. – Therefore today it is imperative to find the time, opportunity and support the Constitution, support the changes that we are making”.

Voting specifically extended in time to make it as comfortable and safe during a pandemic. The main day – July 1 – announced oone. The number one question – sanitary safety. On sites even give out pens disposable. Among voters not less than 2 meters.

“this time done very quickly! What are we voting on all 6 days. This allows people to not accumulate, not experienced, – said the leader of the parliamentary faction of the liberal democratic party Vladimir Zhirinovsky. And I recommend to all of our citizens these days to go when it suits them. To avoid problems. And most importantly, it completely eliminates the risk of infection.”

the head of the faction “Fair Russia” in the state Duma Sergei Mironov said: “All security measures are observed, and rightly so. Because, unfortunately, the situation is more alarming from the point of view of coronavirus. I must say that the post time for a few days too. Because, you see, that few people and no crowds”.

voting is already appreciated in the family Evanovich from Lipetsk. They have 20 children, own or adopted. Parents vote in the house.

you can Vote at home. According to the rules inside do not enter: all non-contact.

In Nizhny Novgorod the site is deployed on the automobile GAS – one of the largest enterprises in the region. But the people of the region have a choice.

“Can vote remotely in electronic form. Only two regions in the country provide their citizens the opportunity: Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod oblast. That is, in fact, Nizhni Novgorod will be able to vote from anywhere,” – said the head of the region Gleb Nikitin.

Online turnout more than 50 percent. Multi-stage control system, the backup data is to deceive high technology will fail.

“Technology is unique and safe. Used distributed ledgers, blockchain for unchanged results. Everyone who registered to vote online, – do not lose this opportunity. Voting will be fast, convenient, and most importantly, safelyo”, – said the Deputy head of the Russian government Dmitry Chernyshenko.

But at the same time started another campaign aimed at discrediting the vote. In social networks already dozens of posts about fake violations. Here’s a warning about the penalties charged for alleged participation in the electronic voting. Law enforcement agencies emphasize that the sanctions provided only for actual violations. This is a video about pens with disappearing ink at polling stations, which appeared on the pages in social networks “Vkontakte” and TikTok, actually shot last year in another country. Another complaint posted on the so-called “Map of violations of the Association “the Voice”. Muscovite has been denied participation in the electronic voting, but, allegedly, still unable to vote.

Try to type in the search box to the website listed in the screenshot. Immediately the message “Your vote has been counted”. A very simple trick. But this site electronic voting this page is not irrelevant.

Such cases are carefully tracked by the observers, checks the Prosecutor’s office. The plots are carefully guarded, even at night. In the presence of observers and journalists, the ballots from the stationary box is moved to a special safe package. Be sealed, signed and placed in safe custody. Come and vote now urge the Russians for many artists and cultural figures.

“my brother never missed a vote since his majority always go, always encourage people to vote, says famous trainer Edgard Zapashny. – Just to show their civil position and Express their opinion, ready to support one initiative or another, or that one or another candidate, or not. Simple.”

Public surveillance has never been so massive. Usually in elections at the Federal level observers from 150 to 270 thousand. Now it is expected in 2-3 times more. Watch closely and Public the chamber and the opposition, and working in the areas of foreign experts.

“I saw on sites sanitiser. Cabins are disinfected after each vote. The same thing I saw in Moscow. All very well prepared,” – said the Deputy of the regional Parliament of Berlin Gunnar Lindeman.

the Huge help given by volunteers. Now a nationwide vote is perceived as a truly historic event.

“We are changing the control system, make it more open. And, in my opinion, the value of these amendments in the system and just that it all goes together. In my opinion, will give a very good result,” said co-chair of the working group on preparation of proposals on introducing amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation Pavel Krasheninnikov.

Wanting to make your choice more and more.