Convicted two members of a gang of Basayev and Khattab

the Court convicted members of the gang under the leadership of the terrorists Shamil Basayev and Khattab. Residents of Chechnya Najmudin Dudieva and Ibrahim Doncheva sentenced to 18 and 19 years of imprisonment in a penal colony.

according to the Investigative Committee of Russia, the court found Dudieva and Doncheva guilty under articles about participation in a gang (part 2 of article 209 of the criminal code), armed rebellion (article 279 of the criminal code) and endangering the life of military personnel (317 criminal code).

the Investigators found that 29 February 2000 Dudiyeva and Donchev as part of the armed gang attacked the soldiers of the sixth regiment 104 company 76 Pskov division airborne forces. The attack occurred near the village of Ulus-Kert of the Shatoi district of the Chechen Republic. Dudiyeva and Danchev fired from a Kalashnikov. In the end, 84 soldiers were killed and four were injured.

Earlier in connection with participation in the same attack, was sentenced to 14 people. Among them was the citizen of Ukraine Alexander Malofeev. They all received long terms of imprisonment.