In the Copa Libertadores semi-final second leg match between Brazilian club Gremio of Porto Alegre and River Plate from Argentina escalated. In the final stage of the match in Brazil, there was a video evidence of a penalty for River Plate that decided the game. The players were not calm then, so the police came on to the pitch to protect the referee.

What exactly happens? In the final phase of the return game, River Plate needed when 1:1 is still a goal to advance to the final. The first leg had won Porto Alegre 1:0. In the 85. Minute tried it River Plate Ignacio Scocco just inside the penalty area with a shot on the turn. Substitute Matheus Bressan deflected the Ball with the outstretched Arm. Referee: Andrés Cunha from Uruguay saw the scene again on the page, in the repetition, and finally decided on the penalty spot.

Eight minutes delay to the execution of the penalty-kick

Then, it came to riots. Bressan looked for the hand-held game, first Yellow, and harassed the Referee and then together with other players. The Brazilians handle Cunha to the shoulders and to Jersey, with Yellow-Red from the square and was also calm during the subsequent pack. The penalty is only executed in the fifth Minute of injury time: Gonzalo Martínez feint and shot his Team into the final.

Matheus Bressan (l.), Andrés Cunha

After the final whistle, but the discussions went on. Porto-Alegre-player afflicted the Impartial again. Then policemen came to the field, and formed part, with shields fitted a circle to the Referees – probably out of fear of a further escalation of the Situation. The players of the title defender complained more, gesture more granular in the direction of the referee, came up to them.

Historical final possible

in the first half of Porto Alegre had been standing just before the final. The Brazilians were up by a goal from Leonardo (36.) with a guide in the break. Rafael Borré, but failed a late equaliser (82.), before the penalty kicks decided the match.

The winning goal for River Plate

the final play it on 7. and 28. November. Then could meet for the first time in the Copa Libertadores two Argentine Teams. For this, the Boca Juniors, River Plate city rival will have to defend, in the night from Wednesday to Thursday in the return match against SE Palmeiras, from São Paulo, Brazil, 2:0 advantage from the first leg.

The Copa Libertadores is the most important club football competition in South America. He is to be compared with the Uefa Champions League.