Coronavirus could come into Beijing market

Chinese Authorities today decided to close Beijing of outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19. Center of infection — local wholesale market. That’s where epidemiologists work to understand the nature of the next mass infection. Some conclusions have already been made. This thesis is worth considering carefully. Because there is a chance that the situation in the Chinese capital will shed light on the outbreak in Wuhan. So, the main thing that is known at the moment, is that a virus had something to do with water fishing. As told in the Chinese center for control and prevention, the market took samples from various surfaces and objects. And the dirtiest place after checking it turned out the hall with seafood. Moreover, employees of this Department the symptoms appeared before all the others. Also among those infected have been buyers of fish series. Given the fact that the coronavirus previously found on the Board for filleting salmon, there is space for new hypotheses about the sources of spread of the virus.

the Source of the mass infection in Beijing — one of the largest markets of the city “Sinhale”. Residents of the area where he is, and everyone who bought, now massively tested on COVID-19. Unlike Wuhan flash now epidemiologists have established a specific section where that got infected. This is the seafood section.

Experts say: everything is logical. Because their storage use closed refrigerators. A coronavirus cold just loves. For example, it was found that at a temperature close to zero, the pathogen could in theory exist for weeks. In the natural environment limiting factor is humidity. The colder, the lower. The infection in the cold just dries up.

But for the storage of seafood is required and low temperature, and artificially maintain high humidity. That is, in the refrigerator for fish conditions for the virus — even better than may exist in nature.

“In a wet environment at low temperatures reduces the chance the fact that the biological environment would dry out and including being subjected to ultraviolet light. Technically, the transmission of the virus by contact under such conditions can be facilitated,” said the Professor of infectious diseases at Russian national research medical University named after N. And. Pirogov, candidate of medical Sciences Ivan Konovalov.

For China this is very disturbing news. Initially, when the virus just started to spread in China and in the world, experts have suggested that the source may be fish market in Wuhan. Much of the first infected were somehow connected to him: it was either his employees or customers. However, the doctors checked all the people and animals on COVID-19, studied all the surfaces on which he could stay, and found nothing. Then for the main, adopted the version that is on the market just visited “superastronomical”, poterjali traders and visitors.

But a new outbreak, and again, all roads lead to the market. Exactly the same as in Wuhan. If it’s not a coincidence (which is highly unlikely), and other similar markets can theoretically be “hotbeds” of coronavirus. But they are only in Beijing — four. Such companies trade are an essential part of Chinese food culture, they are in every major city. And trusted people.

“On the markets traded hundreds of small traders who are only the representatives of this giant of a wholesale link. They are only responsible for yourself, and check the quality is not possible. As you can see, this has not been done, or at least not done to the proper degree. All I ask: then why not close all these markets cleaned? And because this social environment is the environment of shopping. These are working people, this is a turnover of millions of yuan every day,” — commented the acting Director of the Institute for Far Eastern studies Alexey Maslov.

But the main question — where initially the virus — the answer is still no. Not the fact that the fisheries division “Sinhali” — this is the source of the pathogen. With high probability it here someone brought. But then who is? It turned out that the dealer who sold the infected salmon was implemented not only Chinese goods but also imported, including from Europe. So at least in Beijing coronavirus could have come from abroad. The supply of food, for example, from Germany and Norway, China is in any case already suspended.