Coronavirus faces a lifetime of physical and mental disorders

Patients of middle age (40-50 years) who have had coronavirus can suffer from the effects of the infection for the rest of my life. Such findings shared by experts of the National health service in the UK. According to The Daily Telegraph, after recovery recover COVID-19 continued to suffer from weakness and chronic fatigue in spite of the fact that he had no concomitant diseases.

the scientists Also found that infection with coronavirus carries an increased risk in the future to develop Alzheimer’s disease. In the health service, added that 30% of patients may develop lung fibrosis, as well as lifelong physical, mental and cognitive disorders. And 70% of survivors may suffer from delusional disorder. 10% of survivors of the British at discharge revealed an acute lesion of the heart. According to statistics, in the UK there are about 300 thousand people with a positive result at COVID, which suggests that about 100 thousand people can suffer from the effects of coronavirus. However limited testing indicates that these figures probably significantly underestimated.

As stated by Professor Peter Openshaw, on average patients require a year to regain health. However, some of them, apparently, will never return to normal life.

Earlier it was reported that Russia began testing vaccines against coronavirus. In mass production can begin this fall.