Coronavirus has accelerated the repairs of the St. Petersburg bridges

the Epidemic by coronavirus infection did not prevent the overhaul of the bridges of St. Petersburg. We can say that some of the work promised to be completed even earlier than scheduled.

the Overhaul of the Green bridge in all respects a historic event — the part of Nevsky bridge over the Sink. There in the middle of the 19th century crowd, who beheld the bride of Alexander III — the future Empress Maria Feodorovna. People were so many that the railing of the bridge broke and people fell into the river. Currently, the history could repeat itself. Cantilever part of the bridge was kept on parole, said Vitaly Gagiev, head of a major overhaul of the contractor. Cast-iron arch bridge served for more than two centuries, it now goes into honorable retirement.

to Finish Green bridge promised six months earlier, in July, reports GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”. The process has accelerated the pandemic, or rather the associated limitations. Canceled mass events decreased traffic, so working in the daytime was not suspended.

the Historic character of the sample 1905 will return and Trade bridge. The last overhaul on this crossing was carried out in 1961. Now there is a replacement of support. All capital repairs shall be eight bridge sites of the city. These work to cancel and can’t be migrated, so as of great importance for the life of the city and the security of Petersburgers have a bridge crossing.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”