Coronavirus in Russia: new figures from oberstab and CPS

In Russia, for the day was 6 852 new cases of coronavirus COVID-19. 30 percent of the infected there were no clinical manifestations of the disease. Just today in the country identified 627 646 cases of coronavirus in 85 regions, said operational headquarters of Moscow on the situation with coronavirus.

Leaders in the number of new cases per day were Moscow — 750, Moscow oblast — 366, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug — 280, Irkutsk oblast — 237, and St. Petersburg 224 people. A day in the country recorded 188 cases of death, but fully recovered 9 200 people 1852 of them — in Moscow. For the entire period recorded 8 969 deaths, recovered 393 352 people.

on the Eve of the new cases of coronavirus infection in Russia was a little below — 6800. Overall, however, this figure continues to decline compared to the previous days of the week. The lowest growth rate per day in Moscow (0.3 per cent), North Ossetia (0.6 percent), suburbs (0.7 percent), the Kaliningrad region and Chechnya (0.8 percent).

the day held in Russia 305 thousand tests for coronavirus. As of June 26, in the Russian Federation held on 18 707 946 tests for the presence of the novel coronavirus, including people coming from countries affected by the new coronavirus infection. Under medical supervision the whole of Russia over the past period 2020 was 1 801 328 people as of June 26, under the control remain 299 588 people, said the CPS.