Coronavirus occurs: the infection came from China, who takes measures for its isolation

In China, a growing number of cases of a new type of coronavirus. There are more than 570, reported the state Committee on questions of health of China. And that’s just confirmed cases. The virus has already spread to 25 provinces and cities, there are cases of the disease and abroad.

Inhabitants of Wuhan city are now required to wear protective masks in public places and at work. It is the local authorities who try to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. And from that day the residents of Wuhan, which erupted not yet studied the disease, it is forbidden to leave the city. Public transit, airport and railway suspended. The city’s conduct disinfection. These measures are quite fair, according to the world health organization. Yesterday in Geneva, convened the emergency Committee. 23 January, he will reconvene to decide whether to declare a state of emergency due to the outbreak of a new pneumonia in China.

“We have asked our colleagues in China to keep us informed of their actions. We need to understand how widespread the infection is spreading, not only in Wuhan but also in other parts of China. In addition, as soon as possible to find out exactly how the virus is transmitted from person to person? What other ways?” – stressed the head of the Department of new diseases and zoonoses, Dr. Maria van Kerkhove.

In China, the number of cases is increasing. Confirmed cases of infection are already more than 570. More than 250 patients under suspicion. And about six thousand people placed in quarantine because they had contact with the ill coronavirus. Also cases have been diagnosed in the United States, Japan, South Korea and Thailand, said at the Committee meeting of who in Geneva.

“Priorities for all affected countries to limit public gatherings and meetings, reduce the number of secondary infections, especially among medical personnel. Need to focus on early identification and isolation of cases”, — describes the goals of the Executive the Director of the who Programme on emergency health Michael Ryan.

the Japanese foreign Ministry, and the French foreign Ministry has recommended that the country’s residents to temporarily refrain from traveling to Wuhan. The main flag carrier of Singapore has strengthened preventive measures on all flights to China. Australia and the Philippines are checking all passengers from China. Find out if there are any symptoms of infection. And the US and even made accusations. They say, Beijing had to report the problem much earlier.

“We don’t know yet how high the risk of fatal outcome in case of infection by this coronavirus. Based on the reports of Chinese experts. What is clear is that we must be extremely vigilant. The symptoms of this new disease can be easily confused with the first signs of the common cold” — a little confused the Director of the Department of epidemiology and infection control cook County Sharon Welbel.

Meanwhile, the Rosselkhoznadzor together with the Federal customs service began to conduct a complete inspection of baggage and hand Luggage of all arrivals from the South-East Asian passengers, to prevent the importation of contaminated Chinese products. And the Amur oblast authorities have urged residents of the region to visit China.