Coronavirus particularly dangerous for diabetics

a Group of scientists from several countries have warned about the special danger of coronavirus COVID-19 for patients with diabetes and those at risk for this disease. Those who were not previously diabetic, after infecting a new type of coronavirus infection risk be. Have already have diabetes in the early stages — possible serious complications. Such findings published by scientists from the project CoviDiab Registry in the latest issue of the medical journal New England Journal of Medicine, writes TASS.

Clinical observations of physicians revealed the mutual influence of the coronavirus and diabetes. Patients COVID-19 with diabetes have a high chance of fatal complications. According to statistics, 20-30% of deaths from coronavirus diabetes was history.

on the other hand, in infected with coronavirus were detected cases of diabetes with abnormal endocrine changes.

Scientists still have not determined exactly how COVID-19 complicates the diabetes. Most likely, the protein ACE-2 penetrates, in addition to lung, pancreas, small intestine, lipid tissue, liver and kidneys. All these bodies are involved in the metabolism of glucose, and their failures after infection are called “endocrine chaos.”

it is Also possible that the coronavirus causes diabetes a completely new type, not yet discovered.