Coronavirus record beaten in Iran

the Number of deaths from coronavirus in Iran increased during the day on 163 and exceeded thousands of 11.57, the head of Department on public relations of the Ministry of health of the Islamic Republic of SIMA Sadat Lari. The total number of new cases of infection with coronavirus for the day was 2 560, the number of infections has reached 240 438.

the number of people infected per day reached a peak on 30 March and then began to decline and was reduced to the minimum (802), however, after may 3, this figure started to increase again, and on 4 June reached a record value — 3 574.

According to Larry, the most critical situation in the provinces of Khuzestan, West and East Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Hormozgan, Bushehr, Fars and Ilam.

today in the country introduced the compulsory wearing of masks in public places. Measures were gradually withdrawn from April 11. Most of the residents went back to work, there are shopping malls, hair salons and restaurants, the restriction on the movement between provinces for personal vehicles in many towns open mosque.

the health Ministry denies start of the second wave of the epidemic in the country.