Coronavirus: Russia has reached the lowest number of cases since the beginning of June

For the past day in Russia revealed 7600 new cases of coronavirus in 83 regions. From 32.5% of those infected there were no clinical signs of the disease. This is the lowest number of cases since the beginning of June. Such data results in operational headquarters.

Total was 592 thousand 280 cases of coronavirus infection in 85 Russian regions. The increase was 1.3 percent. The lowest increase — in the Nenets and Chukotka Autonomous okrugs (zero growth), Moscow, the Jewish Autonomous region, Sevastopol — 0.5 percent.

In recent days from COVID-19 died 95 people. This is the lowest number of deaths in Russia from this disease from may 25, then was 92 at death in days. During the period of the pandemic died on 8 206 people. During the last day prescribed for recovery 4 705 people. Just recovered 344 thousand 416 people.

In Moscow the following statistics: found 1068 new cases, 20 died patients discharged from hospitals 1114. The total number of cases in the capital — 014 215 people.

According to the CPS, conducted more than 17.2 million tests. Under medical supervision remain 312 thousand people.