Could settle this like men: singer Serova shot from in trauma

Conflict in a suburban cafe ended with the people’s artist of Russia Alexander Serov appeal to physicians. The singer went out into the street with their offenders, who were sitting at the next table, to understand and to talk to a man. But conversation did not happen. One of the intruders was carrying a gun. And Serov he shot in the leg. After that, the brawlers fled.

Contact the police wounded Alexander Serov did not become, informs StarHit. Doctors of the Institute of surgery named after Vishnevsky pulled from the feet of the singer a rubber bullet from a traumatic pistol.

the Health of 65-year-old Serova is not in danger. But now he limps. The incident at the cafe shooting in trauma happened before the New year, but Serov is still under the supervision of doctors. This is not the first case when Serov gets loud in history.