Count of the victims COVID. How is the classification of causes of death

the prevalence of coronavirus in Russia is less than one. The pace of increase of detected cases fell by almost 12 times, this gives reason for the gradual lifting of restrictions in the regions. With this new technique the who statistics adjusted data on the incidence of mortality. In addition, due to the quarantine measures, accurate data, Rosstat received late.

Accurate statistics on movement of population in April, that is, the number of births, deaths, weddings and divorces, we had to find out on Friday, may 29. All these data are collected through the Uniform state register of the Registrar. But in may due to the outbreak of coronavirus, only half of Rosstat staff worked at their jobs, not on remote, to build a complete picture of the country was simply impossible. Therefore, the final figures will only appear in June; now there is preliminary information about the number of deaths from the coronavirus.

“Only in the country of coronavirus confirmed in April in the country died 1136 people. There is a group of the dead, which is supposed COVID as the cause of death, but the final test results and final conclusion of the pathologist was not yet ready. Such inconclusive COVID is the main cause of death is still 539 people. This group with the time of receipt of the final diagnoses and death certificates needs to go completely in the other categories,” says Pavel Malkov, the head of the Federal service of state statistics.

This division into groups is made on the basis of two sources. The first recommendation of the world health organization (who), released in late April. The second data of Russian pathologists who have been able to determine how the coronavirus has affected the condition of each individual patient with a positive test.

for the statistics in Russia are also highlighted in a separate large group of cases where a man died with a chronic disease and suspected COVID.

“And just in this group diseases, we are clearly guided by who recommendations, classifying causes of death, and postmortem autopsies. This third group is evaluated in 1038 cases. But it is not yet COVID. But autopsy in this part continue,” — said the Deputy Chairman of the government of Russia Tatyana Golikova.

In this large group there are also two one – cases in which the coronavirus could bring the death of the patient with chronic illness; yet such was 417. In another subgroup coronavirus infection did not become a fatal factor, for example, cancer patients in terminal stage who got the infection in the last days of life, or people with a confirmed COVID, died in the accident; such cases 621. Important note: all these numbers need to be treated separately.

“as far As I know, still very few countries do the autopsy, the pathologist doing the autopsy, but we still this share is almost 100%. Therefore, we publish all data in an open format, every end of the month they appear on our sites, so everything is very transparent: and born, and by population, and around that study so carefully those who work with sociology and figures” — says the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov.

Now in the world there is no single working method of counting deaths from coronavirus. For example, in Germany a long time did not carry out post-mortem tests for COVID-19. In the UK at the sad statistics until recently included only death registered in hospitals, and data from nursing homes were not included. In Italy it is recommended to include in the “coveny list” even patients with severe disease whose condition coronavirus is not affected. Today, therefore, to compare the statistics of different countries is simply wrong.

“Actually, it’s the worst when you start to consider these percentages, specify: do you have more interest, you have less. FLabout our common tragedy. We need to treat it as tragedy, and just calmly analyze what happened and what’s going on how to minimize these deaths, diseases, problems,” — said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

the world health organization said: its April recommendation about how to generate lists of deaths from the coronavirus that – temporary. Will there be a single mechanism of counting the victims of the pandemic are not yet known. According to experts, in the course of the year the world will not be able to objectively count all the deaths from COVID-19.