Countdown: before the meeting of prisoners with relatives is very long

On 29 December appointed the exchange of prisoners between Kiev and Donbas. Kiev seems to be all confirmed.

the checkpoint is fully Packed with cars coming from Ukraine. We are on neutral territory. Traffic came to a standstill not less than a kilometer. A non-standard situation. Check everything and everyone. Any little thing can arouse suspicion.

is responsible For the safety of the interior Ministry of the Donetsk people’s Republic. Post enhanced, employees several times more than usual.

the flag of the Donetsk people’s Republic, a kilometer — the flag of Ukraine. Here you will pass a bus. Nearby are fighting. But tomorrow will be complete silence. Provided full security to exchange, no matter what took place.

In Donetsk for unknown reasons — probably just afraid to jinx it — refused to comment on the future exchange. But in Lugansk, we were informed that everything is already exactly aligned and ready to go.

“Today ended verification. The result was a set of persons who wished to participate in the exchange. To date, we have reached an agreement with the Ukrainian side in the framework of the decision “Norman meetings” to exchange people detained in the territories, lists: all installed — all installed”, — said Olga Koptseva, head of the Working group on exchange of prisoners from the LC.

For those who are yet detained in the two detention centers and prisoners of war several colonies to count down. A sleepless night, full of expectation of meeting with family and friends, guaranteed. Were these people here for different reasons. Someone was captured in battle, there are those who are convicted of espionage. Few who by chance got lost and was captured.

“At the checkpoint brought driver out there and hit. Not in the fighting was nothing, even without weapons was,” said one of the Ukrainian military.

Indirect evidence that the detention of the prisoners was normaximum attitude — in the words of the driver. He already knows that tomorrow will be released and go home. And now thinking of how to take his car.

In the republics of waiting for their loved ones. Not only men who fought. Cousin Marina Dadic was arrested only for the fact that when the DND was re-elected on a post of the head of administration of one of rural settlements. Woman in prison for a year.

Accurate time can still be adjusted, but so far it is known that the exchange of prisoners should take place on December 29 at 11 am. 55 people will be sent to Ukraine, 87 should be back home in the people’s Republic.

Experience shows that in the last moment of possible change. Usually makes the Ukrainian side. But the exchange is unlikely to affect. According to representatives of the Donetsk and Luhansk authorities, there are no obstacles.